Gloria Talley

Chief Academic officer

Lexington School District one

We face serious challenges today that require strong leadership…the kind of leadership that leads with integrity, discipline, excellence, clarity, and authenticity.  Today’s challenges call for leaders who put people first and build through collaboration, not conflict.   
We are fortunate in South Carolina that SCASA provides quality leadership training for school leaders through The Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL).  This year I, along with members of my staff, have attended the following sessions:  The Work of Leaders and The Art of Influencing Others.  Both sessions were facilitated by knowledgeable practitioners who engaged the group in problem solving through case studies and activities culminating in designing an action plan for personal growth and development. It is a real treat to network and collaborate with educational peers from all over the state who are grappling with similar issues.  If you have not attended CEEL sessions I encourage you to do so; well worth your time.  


Deborah Wimberly

Public Relations and Special Projects

Marion County Schools

As a district level administrator there are few quality professional development opportunities offered where you can truly use the information to make a positive difference in your career.  The Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL) sessions for district level administrators have provided insight to leadership and a fertile ground for self-reflection and professional growth.


Christine Zamboki

Assistant Principal, North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

Charleston County Schools

As a professional, it is a goal to connect, build relationships, and learn through leadership development.  The Center for Executive Education Leadership (CEEL) has provided me an opportunity to connect with other assistant principals throughout the state.  This opportunity began with a rigorous essay submission, one that forced me to look deep into the educational system.  Moving from the essay submission, acceptance into CEEL was a welcome source of professional growth providing us with resources beyond our district.
Assisting school administrators in a state wide professional platform has been a rewarding process.  I appreciate all that CEEL has provided and I look forward to many other productive professional sessions.


Seth Young

Directory of Freshman Academy, Assistant Principal, Wren High School

Anderson District 1


I've really enjoyed my experience with CEEL. This has been some of the most beneficial professional development I've received since becoming an assistant principal. I've been able to take away practical and useful knowledge that help me in my role as an assistant principal but also prepare me to be more prepared for any potential career advancement in the future.