Leadership Groups


Aspiring Leaders

Our program will support and guide individuals who are aspiring to school leadership roles.  These professionals will receive assistance in determining their interest in and aptitude for leadership.  Ideally, districts will nominate and refer potential candidates who will receive development support in small group settings over a specified period of time in order to help create a pipeline of capable and experienced leaders for the future. 


Assistant Principals

CEEL will support assistant principals who seek to assume the responsibilities of the principalship.  These individuals bring a level of leadership experience but often lack the full skill set needed to move into a head principalship role.  Districts will be offered the opportunity to both refer assistant principals and make recommendations as to specific subject area content needed for particular individuals in order to enhance his or her leadership potential.  Assessments will be administered and interpreted for identification of development needs.

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CEEL will support the development of principals in their second through fifth year of service.  Districts will nominate candidates for this customized, needs-based, transformative leadership opportunity for principals across the state.  Development needs will be determined through 360 degree feedback evaluations and leadership assessments of capability and capacity.  Leadership skills will be developed through a variety of methods, including workshops, small group discussions, simulations and case studies, group and individual experiential school-based projects and stretch assignments.

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District Level Leaders

CEEL will support superintendents and district level leaders through customized, needs-based and transformative leadership opportunities. Cohorts of leaders will learn together and challenge themselves and each other to identify and take to mastery those specific skills and behaviors that will affect student achievement over an entire district.