District Level Leaders

Below are the 2017-18 Center for Executive Education Leadership offerings for district level leaders.  Please scroll down for session descriptions and registration links.

There is no prerequisite for attending any of these sessions.  District level leaders are invited to register for Year Two sessions regardless of their completion of Year One sessions.


Year One


September 27, 2017
Work of Leaders

The work that leaders do—that really matters—is boiled down to three areas: crafting a vision, building alignment, and championing execution. This session takes each bucket and distills these big ideas into tangible behaviors and best practices needed to truly lead and effectively influence others to achieve big goals.


November 15, 2017
The Art of Influencing Others

Influence is a tool of successful leaders - being able to affect influence or win others to your way of thinking by commanding respect and allowing you the authority to affect outcomes. Too often we assume only a person with positional/line authority can do this.  However, influencing goes beyond positions of power and encompasses more subtle skills like empathy and active listening. It is rooted in effective communication skills and self-understanding. This session will demonstrate how to have a strong sense of self-awareness and display authenticity and integrity in interactions with others, leading to improved working relationships and opportunities to see your ideas grow. 

Please click on the following link to register:  http://www.scasa.org/ev_calendar_day.asp?date=11/15/2017&eventid=283.



February 21, 2018
Preparing for the Role of Superintendent

The decision to apply for a superintendency should not be spur of the moment. Attend this session where facilitators will help you build a personal portfolio that will reflect the skills you bring to the role of Superintendent. Gain insight into the experiences/training/skill sets expected by school boards, resume polishing, interview skills and more.  A representative of a search firm will give you insights into the process school boards use and how you can best prepare for the call to interview.

Please click on the following link to register:  http://www.scasa.org/ev_calendar_day.asp?date=2/21/2018&eventid=284.

Year Two

october 18, 2017
Creating a Culture for Success:  Leading transformational change

In this session, we will explore the idea of transformational leadership – the kind of leadership that causes change in systems.  It creates valuable and positive change in followers with the end goal of developing followers into leaders.   This session will walk participants through four components of transformational leadership to support district administrators in efforts to make a real difference toward a shared vision of positive change.

January 10, 2018
Leading the Unleadable

All leaders have to deal with difficult people from time to time.  So what do we do?  Pull them off the project, chastise them, move them to be someone else’s problem?  Too often leaders ignore problems for too long because they’re afraid of conflict—or, if they do address something, they do it poorly because of inexperience or not knowing what to do.  Not acting can damage everyone around the difficult person.  This session will support district administrators to understand how to handle the most troublesome situations, develop the radar to spot trouble early and deal with it, and how to prevent problems in the first place.

Please click on the following link to register:  http://www.scasa.org/ev_calendar_day.asp?date=1/10/2018&eventid=287.

february 27, 2018
Moral and Ethical Leadership

Working in an environment with unethical leaders can have negative consequences on organizational trust, team-building, communication and morale. Ethical behavior tends to be a broad term, encompassing accountability, professionalism and respect. This can make pinpointing behaviors to change difficult.  Sometimes individual character changes are in order, but sometimes a district or school needs to systematically change its overall culture.   In this course district office leaders will learn how to pinpoint unethical behavior, create a plan for an effective ethics program, and deal with unethical staff/leaders.  

Please click on the following link to register:  http://www.scasa.org/ev_calendar_day.asp?date=2/27/2018&eventid=288.