Assistant Principals


Below are the 2017-18 Center for Executive Education Leadership offerings for assistant principals.  You may register for each session individually, or you may register for all sessions at a discounted price.  



August 1, 2017
Assistant Principals' Leadership Summit

The River Center at Saluda Shoals Park
5605 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29212

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Year One

The Year One Assistant Principals' Series is now full.  To put your name on a waiting list, please email April Griffin at  Individual slots are available in both the October 11 and October 26 3 Levels of Finance and Budget Basics sessions.  Please see registration links below.

October 11, 2017 and October 26, 2017
3 Levels of Finance and Budget Basics: State, District, School

School finance is a complex subject from the state level down to the school level.  During this leadership class, you will explore the three levels of education funding and how each level impacts the next. You will gain knowledge on how the state appropriates dollars for education and what other factors influence the appropriation.  You will learn how money flows from the state to the school district and how the amounts are calculated.  Finally, you will learn how to construct a school budget.  By improving your financial know-how, you’ll empower yourself in many ways. You’ll know how to justify requests and translate performance into financial terms.

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November 29, 2017
Planning and Data Driven Decision Making

Even in making the many “on the spot” decisions required of a school leader, the effective leader knows that significant planning and data precede the best decisions. Attend this interactive session where experienced facilitators will help you polish your planning and decision-making skills.  Additionally, we will apply the collection and use of data to management decisions, and most importantly to guiding the decisions for the academic progress of the students in your care.

January 24, 2018
So You're a Principal:  Now What?

This workshop will present information to aspiring principals to identify behaviors of an effective leader in the role of principal, especially including how to inspire moving forward with creativity and action.  As a result participants will be better prepared to overcome traditional thinking patterns, have more confidence in their ability to creatively engage in their position, and be able to assess the impact of possible new approaches.  Also, content will help reshape thinking on innovation, providing knowledge of the different elements of creativity and how to build ideas in a group to let innovation flow and action result.   

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March 7, 2018
Selecting Your Team:  Right Person, Right Place, Right Time

Everyone is aware of the increasing difficulty in recruiting good teachers and other staff.  In addition to recruiting difficulties, ensuring you’ve hired the best candidate is crucial. A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 69 percent of organizations have been adversely affected by a bad hire in the past year.  In the survey results, bad hires display at least one of the following issues:  poor performance, failure to get along with others, negative attitude, attendance problems, and complaints from stakeholders. The consequences included any of the following: lost productivity, time required to hire and train another person, drag on morale throughout the department or organization, diminished results, and legal issues.

If your strategies to recruit teachers are as modern as the mimeograph, this session will provide information on current teacher recruitment strategies as well as using behavioral interviewing as a technique for ensuring you know how to hire the right person for the job.

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Year Two

November 1, 2017
fundamentals of Strategic Planning

Starting up a new school, partaking in a major project, or just beginning a new school year can bring many stress-inducing questions. Are you ready for unexpected challenges? Do you have enough time and resources to achieve goals? Do you have a long-term vision? Developing a strategy for the future takes some creative thinking and a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your school.   According to a recent SREB report, strategic planning efforts are one important key for improving struggling high schools.  That is, development of a coherent vision and goals – and holding themselves accountable for results. However, most don't link strategy and budgeting. What’s more, many of those with a strategic plan don't execute it! 

This session will help aspiring principals learn to develop a strategic plan that is right for their particular needs, and will give them the tools to stick to and implement the plan effectively.  The goal is to help APs be better prepared to handle unforeseen problems, gain unexpected results, be better able to analyze and weigh options, and be a visionary for the future.

February 14, 2018
Art of Effective Communication

Being an AP means taking on a lot of responsibility and interaction with stakeholders.  If there’s a disconnect between an AP and his or her staff or teachers, there’s a huge cost to pay in productivity, teambuilding and communication.  According to a recent study through, three out of four employees think that their boss is the worst and most stressful aspect of their job.  In addition, bad bosses cause organizations to spend an estimated $360 billion each year in healthcare!  This session will include how to be a relatable AP, able to keep all aspects of communication heading the right direction.  As a result of participation, APs will improve their confidence and ability to set direction, meet student and teacher needs, and handle difficult conversations. 


March 21, 2018
Balancing Priorities

Given the increasing expectations in education, school leaders need to be more productive than ever. Not only must jobs be done in less time and with fewer resources, many school leaders often feel like they work for more than one boss and on more than one team. As a result, they face conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations, making it difficult to identify what’s most important. Also, huge changes brought about by technology have, in addition to the many benefits, increased the speed and complexity of work overall.  This session is designed to help APs to properly prioritize obligations, which will absolutely lead to improved performance and productivity.  The ultimate result will be a better work/life balance, minimized stress related to managing tasks efficiently, and ultimately, improved working relationships.