Aspiring Leaders

Below are the 2017-18 Center for Executive Education Leadership offerings for aspiring leaders.  Please see below for information how to register.


Year One

Please click on the following link to register for the Year One Aspiring Leaders' Series:

October 24, 2017
How Can I Know if School Leadership is Right for Me?

Participants will examine the role of a school leader and will analyze their skill set to fill such a role. Participants will identify the challenges that concern them most and engage in dialogue, activities, role plays and case studies to address their concerns.  Attend this session to assess your readiness to take on the important role of school leader.

February 28, 2018
Preparing for the Role and Responsibility of School Leadership

This is the second seminar in a two-part series for Aspiring Leaders. Using input from the fall session, participants will engage in roundtable learning sessions on key topics like student discipline, special education, supervising adults, and managing school operations, conducted by school leaders currently serving in these roles. In the afternoon session, participants will continue to self-analyze and develop an action plan for moving into a leadership role, if at the end of the analysis, school leadership is a pathway they wish to pursue.

Year Two

November 8, 2017
Assertiveness Skills

The ability to speak up for yourself, politely and without aggression is one of the unspoken keys to being successful and gaining influence.  This skill will improve aspiring leaders’ ability to reach goals, solve problems, lead projects, and untangle conflicts.  This session will teach aspiring leaders the right balance of assertiveness and how to avoid being passive, passive-aggressive, or aggressive and therefore better prepared to handle conflict confidently, get their opinions respected, and take criticism constructively.


January 17, 2018
Effective Listening Skills in Your New Role

Listening is the cornerstone of communication.  Effective listening makes the person speaking feel valued, prevents miscommunication, speeds productivity, and creates more active forums of discussion.  From reading body language and facial expressions, to discerning emotions to accurately processing messages, listening involves a high level of observation, empathy and analysis. This course will help aspiring leaders improve listening skills by helping discern hidden messages, kick distracted tendencies, listen in emotional situations or groups, and increase information flow to enhance productivity. 


February 21, 2018
Moving Up and Learning to Manage

Making the transition from doing work as an individual contributor to managing others can feel overwhelming. New leaders may be supervising former colleagues or getting to know an entirely new school and set of employees. They’ll feel pressure from below and above. This course is designed to help minimize the stress and walk aspiring leaders through the process of management by targeting five specific areas: staff, projects, performance, conflict, and self.